AF-1 World Cup


Side and Base Edge World Cup Model


Side and Base Edge World Cup Model

Recommended for only the most proficient professional tuners. Please call if you have any questions on the application of the Af-1 before purchasing.

Most tuning applications are better suited with the Af-L or Af-C machines.

$3400 includes:

Dual mode machine

  • Side edge tuning
  • Base edge polishing

– Double-sided highest quality 75% cubic diamond stone

  • Medium (B46) for side edge tuning
  • Fine (B25) for base edge polishing. Special thinner profile for finest base edge polish

– Micro adjustable dial to adjust angles to 1/10 of degree increments for ultimate tuning versatility

– World Cup proven ergonomics

– AF-1 World Cup Machine kit includes

  • Double sided stone mounted (medium-B46 and Fine-B25)
  • Power source
  • Travel bag

AF-1 User Manual

AF-1 User Manual

AF-1 and AF-L Recalibration Instructions

AF-1 and AF-L Recalibration Instructions


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