AF-L World Cup


Side Edge  Mode Machine


Side Edge  Mode Machine

Choice for World Cup Technicians. Infinitely micro adjustable angles to a 10th of a degree. Af-L is the model for the tuning fanatic who wants the option to address the finest attention to detail.

$2400 includes:

Side Edge Mode Machine

  • Side edge tuning only

Single sided highest quality 75% cubic diamond stone medium (B46)

  • Great all-round finish for SL and GS

Micro adjustable dial to adjust angles to 1/10 of degree increments for ultimate tuning versatility.

World Cup proven ergonomics

AF-L World Cup Machine kit includes

  • Medium B-46 Medium stone mounted
  • Power Source
  • Travel Bag

shipped to USA addresses only


AF-L User Manual

AF-L User Manual

AF-1 and AF-L Recalibration Instructions

AF-1 and AF-L Recalibration Instructions


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